John Campbell 
John Campbell was born in Dallas, Texas. He ran as fast as he could to Chicago, Illinois. Occasionally he considers swimming to Iceland or Japan or England.

His father once traded a cow for an accordion, and spent a decade living in a trailer in Jackson, Mississippi. His mother moves without making a sound, like a ninja who is just very concerned about you right now.

Sometimes John tries to write or take pictures or make music or film movies or draw comics.

Joey Comeau 
Joey doesn’t like the future. When he was a kid, Joey used to be terrified that someone was watching him all the time. In public bathrooms he worries about perverts with wireless webcams. So, in addition to wiping down the seat and covering it with toilet paper, he also climbs up and peeks in the vent. He’s afraid to talk about his feelings on cordless telephones. You can hear cordless phones on baby monitors. You can hear cordless phones on crappy computer speakers.

When Joey gets older, he’ll have a cane that he can shake at ruffians in the street. He’ll be a cantankerous and suspicious old man. He’ll start every telephone conversation like this, “Hello Maggie, and whoever else is listening. What do I care if you listen? What, you’re writing a book? You want to hear about my movements? I’m having trouble with my movements. Put that down in your book.”

Emily Horne 
Originally from PEI, Emily Horne left Halifax to move to Victoria, where she works at a nautical museum. She takes pictures like she’s ringing a bell. She designs the comic. She makes sense when you need someone to make sense. She is enthusiastic and she’s got a good head on her shoulders.

Mike Saturday Lecky 
Mike Lecky lives in Vancouver, BC in a big house that’s cold year round with two good roommates and two cats he can’t stand. He is the publisher of The Loose Teeth Press, and can therefore publish his own work whenever he damn well feels like it..

Jordan Stewart 
Jordan can be found in Saint John, NB near the ocean. He lives in a small yellow house with his wife and dog and some cats. He’s generally a pretty quiet fellow except when he’s drinking or scared of something or talking at a metal show. This one time, he went camping and almost got stepped on by a moose.

Zach VandeZande 
Zach VandeZande was born in the same gray town as everybody else. For him it was Houston, Texas. He took his vitamins, went to college, started a band, got married, got a degree in Psychology (from Texas A&M if it matters), quit a band, and got a job. He did it all just like he was supposed to.

One day he decided to stop striving for mediocrity, and so here we are. He learned to be kind of funny and he learned to write a book and he didn’t learn to draw but he did it anyway, and he did these things and he’ll probably do them again.

Zach is currently pursuing a master’s in English at Sam Houston State University, and currently losing sleep over this biography he’s writing in the third person, wondering if it should be more specific or longer or something.