The Loose Teeth Press is an independent publisher in Vancouver, BC with a goal of printing handsomely designed and bound books of fiction, creative non-fiction, and the odd comic / graphic novel. We are a new company, founded in December of 2005, but we have been growing at a steady rate of a book per season since, with several releases planned for spring 2008. We’re blowing up like a munitions ship in the Halifax harbour. Boom.

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The Bookmark
Spring Garden Rd

Venus Envy 
1598 Barrington St
(@ Sackville)

Strange Adventures 
5262 Sackville St

The Beguiling 
601 Markham St

This Ain’t The
Rosedale Library

86 Nassau St
(Kensington Market)

Venus Envy
320 Lisgar St
(@ Bank)
Broad Vocabulary 
2241 S. Kinnickinnic Ave

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We are currently accepting manuscripts from Canadian authors and artists only. We are looking for longer works like novellas, novels or collections of short stories.

If you have a shorter piece, a short story, a small comic, poetry, something like that you’d like us to look at, consider sending it to our sister magazine, located at http://www.forgetmagazine.com.

We are operationg in both Mac and PC worlds, so feel free to send files formatted from either. PDFs ensure there’s not formatting problems since they open the same everywhere. Along with your manuscript please send a short bio and CV.

For best results:
   1) Mail a printed copy. The address is below, mail us the first 30 pages, include your email address and we’ll get back to you much sooner than if you email.
   2) Send relevent material. Read at least some of our books before you submit. If you don’t like our books we probably won’t like yours.